Starter Package


Weekly 45 minute one on one sessions to meet any of your health needs. I will work with you on any health, wellness, or related goal for a total of 6 sessions. Offered in person, over the phone, or over video chat. 

Weekly 45 minute one on one sessions to meet any of your health needs. I will work with you on any health, wellness, or related goal for a total of 6 sessions. Offered in person, over the phone, or over video chat. 

Q: When will the rest of my sessions be booked?
A: When booking your package, you will be scheduling the first session. The rest of your sessions will be discussed during the first session and booked subsequently.

Q: Do I have to do all my sessions in the same way, i.e. all in person, all on the phone?
A: No, they can be done in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Q: Where are you located?
A: I am located in NYC. However, on occasion, I am in San Diego, California. If you would like to book with me while I am in California please send me an email at

Customer Reviews

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Jenna Berry

For the past 5 years, I’ve had terrible acne. I’ve tried everything from skincare treatments, running, eating healthy on/off, and drinking water. In October 2020, I was sick and tired of looking the way I did and realized I needed professional help. I went to a dermatologist and she put me on spirnolactone to see if my body could handle that drug. Her goal was to eventually have me take accutane, but first needed to see how I handled spironolactone. I was only on it for day because I had terrible side effects and now I have permanent numbing in my right big toe. The drugs offered to me were no longer an option and I was at the end of the line. WHAT ELSE COULD I DO?! Marie was literally my last option and I am so so so grateful and thankful she works in this field. When I started working with Marie, she helped me with EVERYTHING. My future goals, my emotional state, my physical health, food, water intake, and supplements. She reminded me that nothing happens over night and that these changes take time. By being consistent with my new lifestyle, in March/April 2021, my acne was finally disappearing. By the summer time, it was GONE. I have family members and friends who now say to me “your skin looks so good!!” Everything Marie helped me with was specific to my needs, my blood lab work, coming off the birth control pill a year prior, stress, etc,. If you struggle with acne and are at the end of your rope, Marie will literally help you in every aspect of your life. She is incredible!! She is an angel!!! Once you have the knowledge she provides you, it will change your life forever. She certainly changed mine. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

Arielle J.
Just excellent

Very pleased with the quality of coaching I received. Marie is super personable and puts you at ease and is genuinely concerned about your well being. She always takes the whole picture into account and is straightforward. Very compassionate and she has gone out of her way to call me 2 times outside of sessions to check in. Marie is extremely knowledgeable and through to responses to questions. I strongly recommend. Wonderful person and clearly up to date on the scientific data. No stone left unturned! Very sunny disposition. Will probably return again.


I had not realized how off track I had gotten with things. Marie really helped with some small habits that made a big difference. Marie responds very promptly and is never tardy with our calls which I really appreciate. If I need to switch up something she suggests she's very caring and tailored the program to things that work best for me. I feel very supported with her. Also not judgemental. Theres a ancouple of tasks I didn't want to do and I didn't like doing so we readjusted for them. Marie did not judge or have trouble adapting. It is much better to have a consultant like this who can move with you and adapt to your life than reading a book that might not adjust to your life. I'm continuing my health journey with her!

R. Parke
Excellent Experience!

I purchased the starter package after attending one of Marie's wellness webinars. She is a fantastic health coach, and I have managed to significantly improve various aspects of my health after following her advice and guidance. I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and impressive coach!

Don Simmons
Game Changer!

Marie was super helpful! She was very helpful in my personal journey and really got me on the right track. She helped me identify my goals and now I am exactly on the right path to ideal health!